Rawa'a Althuriya
for Marketing Services

We are the Rawa'a Althuriya for marketing services between South Korea and the Arab countries. Our company is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we have professional Saudi employees who live in South Korea and speak fluent Korean to facilitate the services for our clients to the fullest. We are one of the fast growing companies working in the field of marketing and business that is established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


1% of our revenue goes to charity in a suitable well seen place

Who We Are:

Rawa'a Althuriya: A company specialized in marketing Korean goods, distinctive products required for purchase and offered for sale, shipping services, and the requirements and needs of private and public companies. we conclude commercial deals of all kinds,

and always focus on the best quality and the most appropriate prices for goods of various categories and varieties, in accordance with the terms of the company and according to the laws agreed upon legally, in addition to maintaining complete confidentiality and speed in all commercial transactions.


We Strive To Be

The best marketing organization for others in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Arab countries.


Our Goal

Facilitate the communication process between the buyer and seller in Korea and the Middle East using our extensive relationships to help you find potential buyers/sellers as well as ensuring a smooth and fair business process for both parties.


Our Vision

Through experience, support and advice, we aim to facilitate all deals and business operations around the world by taking all necessary measures to provide the best, and we strive to be a specialized pioneer in this field.

We seek to be the link to expand business operations between Korea and the Middle East and facilitate the import and marketing of Korean products to enable all companies to achieve their business goals.


Our Mission as a company for Marketing Services:

We seek to build relationships, connect with communities, promote merchandise, negotiate the best possible outcomes

for customers, and provide more potential buyers/sellers for smoother sales to help businesses find the right buy/sell party.


Our Values:


In our deals, our technology, our thinking, and everything we do.

The Most Suitable Cost

We compare prices, negotiate and advise to ensure prices are suitable for both parties.

Express Delivery

We always take care of delivering shipments on time and in a professional manner.

Strict Confidentiality

This is by protecting all information from unauthorized parties.

Our Business:


Acrylic Solid Surface

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100% Acrylic Sink and Bowls

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Stainless Steel Sinks

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Fire Extinguishers

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ABS Doors

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How Do We Satisfy Our Customers in Rawa'a AlThuriya for Marketing Services on Behalf of Others:

As a trusted partner dedicated to helping clients, conclude successful deals,

and effectively achieve their goals, we strive to satisfy our valued clients by:

  • 01

    Save time spent searching for the right seller/buyer and overcoming the language barrier between companies.

  • 02

    Marketing the merchandise by following the latest technology.

  • 03

    Supervising the buying/selling process from A to Z.

  • 04

    Complete confidentiality with speed in completing legal transactions.

  • 05

    Ensure that the goods are delivered as quickly as possible.

Why We Are Different:

Although there are other companies for marketing services in the commercial arena, what distinguishes Rawa'a Althuriya for marketing services on behalf of others is our goal and approach, as well as the way we provide the marketing services.

Rawa'a Althuriya for Marketing Services on behalf of others is a team that includes Saudi and Korean members looking for all new products and technological tools in the Korean market according to customers' requests.