Acrylic Solid Surface

100% Acrylic solid surface is composed of high high – performance acrylic resins and natural minerals to enhance Its appearance and performance.

Every our 100% acrylic solid surface is covered by 10- Year limited warranty. Our Acrylic Solid Surface made in Korea


Features Of acrylic Solid Surface:

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    Our products are made of strong flame resistant materials, which will never be burned or scorch under normal cooking temperature.

  • 02

    Our products are easy to repair, the small marks by chopping and scratching can be removed more with sandpaper. Severe damage can be repaired by sanding.

  • 03

    With a high level of alumina trihydrate content as the filler, an ingredient provides superior resistance to stains and chemicals. However, exposure to harsh chemicals should be avoided.

  • 04

    The capability of rupture resistant for our solid surface is much better than other stones and polymer materials.

  • 05

    The feature of seamless joint makes our products more convenient for installation and usage.


We have a wide variety of colors and different shapes of marble to suit all your tastes, and we are keen to help you choose what suits your desire and goals.

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Some of the applications:

Table tops
Shower panels
Shower Walls

Technical Data Sheet:

See all the information and details, including length, width and depth to get a clear picture of your product and we will help you find the best choice for you.

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