ABS Doors


ABS consists of Acrylonitrile, Buta-diene and Styrene, which is harmless to the human body and are used in cases for electronic devices such as computer, refrigerator and washing machine. Since this product is made up of plastic, it is moisture-free and its durability is great without any bends or twists, furthermore, it is very light and reasonable price which makes it easy for construction.

The Benefits of ABS:


Strong impact resistance


Low cost


Strong heat resistance


Shock absorbance


Scratch resistance


High tensile strength

The Merits of ABS Door:

  • 01

    ABS door can resist up to 90ºC directly and 120ºC indirectly.

  • 02

    ABS door is an economic door that has superior durability, gloss, painting and also resistible to moisture and water.

  • 03

    ABS door has great resistibility to moisture that it does not have any side effects such as cracks and molds which makes it easy to use in bathrooms.

  • 04

    Since the ABS sheet and PVC sheet are put together using hot pressing without any remaining glue it doesn’t lift off after use for a long period.

  • 05

    Due to the use of honeycomb inside the door, sound absorption and Insulation are superior and suitable for indoor doors Furthermore, it is environmental friendly product.

  • 06

    Mass production is possible which makes it economical.

The Structure of ABS Door:


Door Details

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Door Frame Details

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